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Conveyor rollers are an integral part of the conveyor. They are designed to support the belt and ensure its movement. The choice of high-quality rollers will ensure the normal operation of the conveyor for many years.
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Rollers for individual loads
They are used to transport both postal envelopes and heavy items. They are used for cargo transportation in warehouses, airports, factories and sorting centers. They move loads quickly and quietly.
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Roller supports
for conveyors
Metal structures are designed to support the conveyor belt and give it a certain shape. Our rollers have a rigid design that ensures the correct geometry of both the rollers mounted on supports and the entire conveyor system.
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Conveyor pulleys
Conveyor elements are designed to transfer the traction force to the conveyor belt, change the direction of its movement and tension. Properly installed pulleys provide the necessary tension and centering of the belt, they eliminate slippage and increase grip.
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