28 September 2021 article

How to buy conveyor rollers correctly?

If high-quality rollers are installed on the conveyor, then they are almost immediately forgotten. If they are of poor quality, then problems arise almost immediately: the conveyor makes noise, vibrates, some rollers do not rotate, because of this, their bodies wear out, the belt breaks, the conveyor stops. After that, urgent repairs begin with the mandatory search for the guilty and shifting responsibility between the services. As a result, production indicators are reduced. In this article, we will tell you how to buy conveyor rollers to avoid problems and reduce the cost of repair and maintenance needs.
First of all: the buyer should know what kind of videos he needs

The conveyor roller itself cannot improve the production process. It is needed only for the pipeline to work well. Therefore, the roller must be made specifically for the conveyor and must be reliable. Unfortunately, it happens that the buyer orders the wrong videos that he needs.

In 2017, we delivered a batch of rollers to the manufacturing industry. They were of proper quality and fully complied with the terms of the contract and technical documentation. However, there was a problem: there was noise during the operation of the conveyor. As it turned out, the design features of the conveyor required the buyer to order and install rollers with a smaller radial runout and other bearings. Due to the fact that this was not done in a timely manner, the buyer had to bear additional costs for replacing the rollers.

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